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Frequently Asked Questions about Capital Graffiti Tours
  1. What does Capital Graffiti Tours offer?

    • Capital Graffiti Tours offers unique street art experiences, free donation tours, private or shared tours, and graffiti workshops in Bogotá, Colombia. We also organize conferences, personalized events, and manage urban art projects.

  2. What is included in your street art tours?

    • Our street art tours provide the opportunity to explore the incredible graffiti and murals in Bogotá. Guided by expert artists and local promoters, these tours offer a unique perspective on the history, culture, and politics behind street art in the city. You'll get an in depth view of Colombia through its art. 

  3. What sets Capital Graffiti Tours apart from other tourism companies?

    • Our deep connection with the local street art scene and our focus on education, sustainability, and innovation distinguish us. We offer authentic and meaningful experiences that go beyond conventional tourism.Our team is made up of artists and cultural promoters and we are the only company reinvesting in more art for the city.

  4. How do tips work for free tours?

    • In our free tours, there is no fixed price as we operate on a tipping model. We recommend a contribution of 50,000 COP per person, which goes towards recognizing the guide's work, company administration, and our commitment to #capitalgraffitiprojects. This practice allows us to reinvest in community projects related to street art.

  5. What are the hours, meeting point, and frequency of your free tours?

    • Our free tours are held twice daily, every day of the week. The meeting point is at 10 am and 2 pm in front of the Gold Museum with the guide carrying a purple umbrella. Tours last between 2 and 2.5 hours.

  6. Where do your services operate in the city and in which neighborhoods or areas of Bogotá?

    • We offer our services in various areas of Bogotá, including iconic neighborhoods such as La Candelaria, Centro, La Macarena, Chapinero, and Teusaquillo, as well as other culturally and artistically significant areas in the city. Our tours and workshops take place in specific locations highlighting the richness of street art in Bogotá.

  7. What are the graffiti workshops like?

    • Our graffiti workshops are hands-on experiences designed for beginners and art enthusiasts. Our methodologies are original and unique, combining imaginative games, team-building, and family enjoyment. Participants learn drawing techniques, color theory, and spray painting practices while creating their own street art. We also offer advanced workshops for artists or customized workshops for companies or schools.

  8. What services do you offer for groups?

    • We offer private tours and personalized experiences for groups, perfect for school trips, corporate events, or tourist groups. We also organize conferences and events related to street art.

  9. How can I book a tour or workshop?

    • You can book our tours and workshops through our website or by contacting us directly via email or phone. We also offer booking services for groups and events.

  10. What languages do your guides speak?

    • Our guides are fluent English speakers and can also provide tours and workshops in French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

  11. How does Capital Graffiti Tours contribute to the community?

    • We are committed to sustainable community projects and collaborate with local artists on initiatives that promote street art as a form of cultural and social expression.

  12. Do you offer VIP or personalized tours?

    • Yes, we offer VIP tours and personalized experiences tailored to the preferences and needs of our clients. From exclusive tours to thematic workshops, we adapt to each request.

  13. What safety measures are taken during tours and workshops?

    • We prioritize the safety of our clients and guides at all times, complying with all local regulations and providing insurance when necessary. Our spray painting workshops are conducted outdoors.

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