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As socially engaged artists and local promoters we want to connect tourism with cultural expansion.


We are a crew of multidisciplinary artists, leaders and professionals with the mission to create a unique tour approach where your donations go back to developing high impact social programs in diverse communities.

Our collaborations with dozens of artists and community leaders bet on the potential that art has to transform and improve societies. 

Our local experiences designed for travelers aim to make your visit memorable and insightful.

Bogotá is an open air museum with over 100 murals (some in massive walls)! Learn about the culture, artists and context that make this city one of the most expressive and instagramable street art capitals in the world. Discover the countries complex past, its current peace process and a vision for a better future!  

Team building events for your companies and organizations. Educational tours for students. Our private tours and workshops created for all ages intend to personalize your experience even more.




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Street artist, political scientist, activist.


Passionate for politics, feminism, and artistic research. Gives academic forums & street art workshops for different communities.

"It took me 10 years to start doing graffiti. But since I've done it, I have felt more empowered and happier every day of my life."




Artist and cultural promoter.


Inspired by social innovation and divergent thinking. Cofounder of the Atempo foundation, creates participative art interventions and murals. 


“Art when is public and collective has the power to make us empathize and think critically.” 


Anthropologist and tour guide. 

In love with Bogotá and thrilled by urban culture.

A history geek with a deep passion for public art forms. 

“Look around: The streets are talking to you…and graffiti is their language”.


Street art promoter, curator. 

Eager to show street art and graffiti as a tool for change and resistance after years of experience working with communities and artists.

“Street art and graffiti go where sometimes nobody goes.”

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(Anti) Industrial designer and tour guide.

An enthusiast of of spray-paint, languages and bicycles. Guiding is his way to share a hidden face of Bogotá with visitors. 

"Graffiti is an underestimated but powerful tool, it gives a voice to the voiceless, visibility to the invisible ones, it can give life to a city or take it from it."


Artist  / Street-Art Gallery Owner/ Tour Guide

Passionate about political history and street art movements. Over 13 years painting in acrylic, spray-paint and stencil techniques.


"Graffiti is the struggle for space and the walls of Bogotá are their battlefield"

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